A Guide To Holistic Dentists In Los Angeles

Are you looking for a holistic dentist in Los Angeles? Here in LA having a beautiful smile is one of the most important components to living a successful life. There is nothing more welcoming and inviting then when we meet a new person and see their big bright smile. But did you know that general dentistry can be pretty toxic? Most Los Angeles dentists use many harmful substances that we should not even have around us let alone in our mouths! This is why the practitioners listed here at Holistic Dentist Los Angeles have dedicated their practice to using only safe and natural ingredients and processes when working with any of their patients. Many people are completely unaware of the harmful substances such as mercury and other chemicals and the harms they may cause. More importantly, as a natural dentist we take into account all aspects of your lifestyle to ensure that nothing is overlooked when approaching the health of you and your teeth.

Finding The Right Natural Dentist For You And Your Family

We know how challenging it may be to bounce around the web from one website to another trying to find the right holistic dentist. It can be quite overwhelming to have to have to go through all the information that is out there and make a decision. This is why we have compiled some of the best natural dentists here in Los Angeles that offer biological and mercury free dentistry. Listed below are some of the companies offering great services in the areas of Santa Monica, Culver City, Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Marvista, Encino, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Silverlake, Los Feliz, Malibu, Palisades, and the entire Los Angeles area.

So What Is A Holistic Dentist?

Similar to how their is alternative medicine, when people speak about conventional medicine or “Western” health practitioners, the same goes with a holistic dentist in Los Angeles which are also known as “natural dentists” or “biological dentists.” While some may call them natural dentists or biological dentists, a holistic dentist is a health practitioner who sees their patient as a whole person and not just a set of teeth. You see, when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy, there is a lot more going on then just brushing your teeth and flossing. The practitioners here at  Holistic Dentist of Los Angeles pride themselves on seeing their patients from a “whole” perspective: mind, body, and spirit. When they develop a treatment program for you, their goal is to improve your entire well-being, not just your teeth.

This means they can discuss what you are eating, how you are eating, and the thoughts and feelings that accompany the food you are putting in your body. Many people assume that taking care of your teeth only has to do with brushing and flossing which is not true. Many ailments suffered by many individuals have to do with the fact of what they are eating and the emotions tied to the foods they are eating. By approaching ones dental health from this perspective, these Los Angeles Natural Dentists pay close attention to your overall health and immune system which plays such a vital role in our teeth.

Holistic Dentistry & TMJ


Did you know that most people who suffer from TMJ do so because of stress? Simply put, when people experience a lot of stress and anxiety, they grind their teeth. Especially at night time while they are asleep. Over time, as someone who grinds their teeth will eventually start to wear off the enamel. Once this happens and too much of the tooth has been ground away, then you have to get dental implants and replace those teeth. As a natural dentist, their goal is to make sure you do not get to this point. They don’t want you to have to spend all this extra money just to have your teeth replaced because you were grinding them. Things like a mouth guard can help stop this and act as a band aid. But as a holistic dentist, their goal is to get tot the root cause (your stress and anxiety) of the issue so that you no longer grind your teeth and won’t need to replace them. 

Why See A Biological Dentist In Los Angeles?


Los Angeles can be a pretty stressful and toxic place and having a holistic dentist on your side has many benefits. One of the main health benefits is that they do not use any toxic ingredients or materials when doing your cleaning. As you may or may not be aware of, x-rays can be pretty harmful and toxic and they do their very best to keep you from not having to take them (they only take x-rays when absolutely necessary). Another component to working with a mercury free dentist is getting your cavities filled. Did you know that most dentists still use mercury amalgam fillings which is a terrible chemical that can cause a lot of damage to you? Many studies have been done and the reports have confirmed that mercury fillings (also known as “silver fillings”) can have a negative impact on the kidneys as well as impairing the neurological function of the brain. These effects are very similar to that as what has been seen in Alzheimer’s disease. This is why we many of the Los Angeles Holistic Dentists listed here will never use mercury or other toxic chemicals when treating their patients.

Nobody Likes To See A Dentist


Lets face it, nobody likes to go to the dentist whether they are a holistic dentist or not. Most people associate seeing a dentist as bad news and they assume that already they will have a cavity and need to get a filling or have their teeth pulled. But did you know that by seeing a holistic dentist regularly this could save you from having to get a root canal or other more invasive procedures that are not only painful for you physically, but on your wallet as well! One of the biggest benefits of  coming to visit one of these Los Angeles holistic dentists office is that they truly care about you as a person and don’t just view you as a walking wallet.

As soon as you come into their office they will welcome you as part of their family. They understand how stressful it can be to see a dentist and will help you relax and ease your tension right away. This is truly how holistic dentistry differs from other types of conventional dentists: they understand how the whole body effects other parts of the body and stress is one of the biggest killers. Nature is about living life at ease and as a Los Angeles holistic dentist where stress is everywhere, their number one goal is to make you feel comfortable right away so you can (dare we say it?) actually enjoy your dental visit!

The dentists listed on this site are very sensitive to peoples needs and wants. They are here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. If you are interested in learning more about the dentists listed on our site, please visit the “Dentists” button at the top to learn more. Otherwise you can click on the contact button where you can send us an email so we can help you schedule your first appointment! Should you have any questions or are still not sure of the benefits of seeing a holistic dentist, please do contact us and we would be more then happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.